The Anat Baniel method has been very successful in helping adults recover from trauma (loss of function) or in general in improving physical and mental functions.
When we are injured, shocked or traumatized, we immediately adjust to minimize pain and maximize control. These unconscious adjustments provide muscle cramps and physical limitations.

The goal of this method is to increase your range of movement so that you move more easily and smoother. This can also alter ingrained movement patterns that can cause injuries or pain complaints.

Increase vitality

Increasing your range of motion leads to a more flexible mind and improves your entire well-being.

Tense muscles, discomfort or pain, the cause often lies in the way your brain consciously and unconsciously controls your muscles. In many cases these are muscles of which people do not even know they excist and they certainly can not consciously control them. When people talk about tense muscles or muscles that are ‘stuck’, it means that the muscle is chronically contracted and can not be released voluntarily. The brain has a fixed pattern of tightening.

By offering a variation of subtle movements, unused nerve pathways can be activated and the brain learns to differentiate (create new patterns) between the different body functions. This gives you more freedom of movement and more flexibility.